Kazımdirik, Üniversite Cd. 94 A

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Sirius A, Recto Adworks

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On the stage of Hangout Cure on Friday, March 3; Lampé, Two-Gun, Can Danışoğlu are with you. Samet Zorlu, Vaner, Doncler, Ilkim Ozay, Diiptrip will be in the cabin on the After stage of the night, which will take place with the presentation of Sirius A!

There must be something in between!

When it comes to techno, minimal or deep tunes Lampé is a factory full of tricks. Experienced in subharmonics, cooking emotions and surprises they brings groove and  energy to the tracks. It’s not easy to descrive his music in words, as everything can happen during a set and every track is one of a kind. Melting different styles to a new composition could be the best specification. Give it a chace and you will be surprised.