The Wind

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The Wind

“The Wind,” begins with my deep love for my son, Rüzgar Temizer. As a father, I was inspired by the joy and happiness that he brings into my life, and I wanted to express my love through music. I wanted to create a piece that would capture the essence of my son’s spirit, his energy, and his playful nature.

The idea for “The Wind” came to me while I was watching my son play outside on a windy day. I noticed how the wind seemed to dance around him, lifting his hair and clothes, and I was struck by the beauty of the moment. It was then that I decided to create a musical tribute to my son, capturing the feeling of that special moment in time.

I began by experimenting with different sounds and rhythms, trying to find the perfect combination that would express the essence of my son’s spirit. I spent countless hours tweaking and refining the melody, until it felt just right.As I worked on the track, I imagined Rüzgar dancing and playing in the wind, his laughter carried away by the breeze. I wanted the music to be uplifting and joyful, just like my son.
Finally, after many long weeks of work, “The Wind” was complete. I was thrilled with the finished product, and I knew that my son would love it too. I played it for him, and his face lit up with delight as he recognized his name in the title.

The track will always be a deeply personal tribute to my son, a celebration of his boundless energy and the joy he brings to my life.

Release Date
26 March 2023
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