The Narcisistic Progression

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The Narcissistic Progression

For my latest performance set, I wanted to create something that was both energetic and progressive – something that would really get people moving. That’s why I’m excited to introduce “Narcissistic Progression,” a set that embodies the emotions of intense self-confidence and an unyielding desire to move forward. With each beat building upon the last in a constant progression of energy, this set is sure to keep audiences engaged and dancing all night long. I’ve curated a mix of styles and genres that come together in a unique and exciting way, delivering a high-energy showcase that is perfect for any music lover. If you’re looking for a set that captures the essence of what it means to be a DJ, then “Narcissistic Progression” is the perfect choice. So come join me on this musical journey and experience the power of progressive house music at its finest.

Release Date
22 December 2022